Bill Pay Smartphone plans

- 24 month contract

All come with unlimited Meteor calls & texts as standard. Plus More Than You Can Eat Data options, free EU roaming so you can use your calls / texts in Europe just like you would at home, and 1GB extra roaming data to use while you're away. To top it all off as Meteor is part of the Eir family we can now give you free access to the eir Sport app, so you can watch all the sports you love with no streaming charges. For excellent value and a brilliant deal on a smartphone too - simply choose the plan that's right for you.


1GB Data

  • 100 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Free Meteor calls & texts
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FREE eir Sport

Regular Extra

10GB Data
  • 400 minutes
  • Unlimited texts
  • Free Meteor calls & texts
  • FREE EU Roaming
  • FREE eir Sport
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FREE eir Sport

Super Extra

15GB Data
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited texts
  • Free Meteor calls & texts
  • FREE EU Roaming
  • FREE eir Sport
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FREE eir Sport

Super Deluxe Extra

30GB Data
  • Unlimited calls
  • Unlimited texts
  • 50 International mins & texts
  • FREE EU Roaming
  • FREE eir Sport
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Great reasons to choose Meteor

At Meteor, our Superfast 4G network, great value data Add-ons and brilliant roaming options ensure our 1 million customers receive the best services possible.

FREE eir Sport

Get FREE access to the sport you love on selected Smartphone plans

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WiFi Calling

As Meteor is part of the eir family, you can now enjoy new WiFi Calling, exclusively from eir on selected smartphones. Our way of saying thanks for being with Meteor!

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Our Network

We get it. High speed data access is where it's at. That's why we now have a 95% 4G population coverage and growing

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FREE EU Roaming

Bring your calls & text allowance with you and get an extra 1GB Data just for roaming in the EU!

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Additional Charges

Additional Data – All plans – Up to 250 MB per day for 99c, 2c per MB thereafter
Voicemail – Free all bill pay plans
Additional Minutes - 30c/Min
SMS – 15c per SMS

International rates
Roaming rates
Other charges

Fair Usage Policy

Unlimited minutes and SMS allowances where applicable in the plans are subject to a fair usage allowance of 45,000 minutes and 10,000 SMS.

Minutes and SMS included in plans which include free EU roaming can be used within the Republic of Ireland and EEA zone countries while roaming subject to fair usage. Calls and SMS to Premium Numbers, International, and charges relating to roaming calls or SMS to destinations outside of the EEA zone are excluded from inclusive plan allowances. Voicemail and Meteor to Meteor calls and texts while roaming are treated as a standard call or text and will be deducted from your inclusive plan allowances.

1GB of EU roaming data is included in all free EU roaming plans, which can be used while roaming in EEA countries - this is additional to a customers’ domestic data included in their plan. Standard rates apply to usage in excess of these limits, see for details. No carryover of unused allowance is permitted.

The international minutes and texts allowances associated with the SIM Only Super Deluxe Extra 4G and Smartphone Super Deluxe Extra 4G can be used for calling countries in international bands 1-8.

More than you can eat data offer explained.

What Bill Pay plans get the “More than you can eat data

SIM Only Regular Extra 4G
SIM Only Super Extra 4G
SIM Only Super Deluxe Extra 4G
Smartphone Regular Extra 4G
Smartphone Super Extra 4G
Smartphone Super Deluxe Extra 4G

How do I move plans to get the “More than you can eat data” offer?

If you are eligible for an upgrade, out of contact or on a SIM Only plan, you can move onto one of the eligible plans by choosing them above

How does more than you can eat data work without eating into my data allowance?

If you are on an eligible plan, it will be updated automatically from 11th November so you can enjoy unlimited access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber messaging. You will also have unlimited access to YouTube until 30th of June 2017.

How do I check how much data is left on my plan?

You can log onto to access your usage and plan details, download the MyMeteor app or text “Balance Data” to 50104 to check how much data you’ve used each month.

How long does the offer last?

The offer will be automatically applied to eligible customers from 11th November. Unlimited access to YouTube will end 30th of June 2017.

What are the offer terms?

You can view the full terms here

eir Sport offer explained

What channels will eir Sport give me access to?

FREE eir Sport means that you can watch the sport you love on eir Sport 1 & 2, the 4 BT Sport channels and BoxNation free of charge and without eating into your data allowance! We've got heart-stopping action in store with Premier League Games, every Champions League Game, every Europa League Game as well as European Rugby Champions Cup, UFC, Allianz Hurling and Football Leagues, Golf, F1 and much more.

I'm an existing customer – can I access eir Sport?

If you're on one of our eligible plans you can access eir Sport for free by simply downloading the eir Sport Just Mobile app and logging in with your MyMeteor details. Download now for iOS or Android. If you are on a different plan you can easily move to one that includes eir sport.Contact us now to change plan. Once your new plan is active, you’ll be able to access eir Sport in 24 hours!

Will streaming eir Sport on my mobile use my data allowance?

Streaming eir Sports on the Meteor network is free. It will not eat into your monthly data allowance. If you are a mobile customer of another network, data will not be free rated and we recommend connecting to WiFi.

How long can I access eir Sport for?

As long as you remain on an eligible plan, you will have access to eir Sport until 31/03/2018.

How many devices can I watch eir Sport on?

You can download the eir Sport Just Mobile app on 2 devices, and access one live stream at any given time.

eir WiFi Calling offer explained

What is eir WiFi Calling?

eir WiFi Calling lets you use your smartphone to call and text over any WiFi connection so you can now get even better mobile coverage anywhere in Ireland. Better still, you don’t need any additional app for this exclusive new service.

Why do Meteor customers have access to eir WiFi Calling?

As Meteor is part of the eir family, you can now enjoy new WiFi Calling, exclusively from eir on selected smartphones. Our way of saying thanks for being with Meteor!

Can I avail of eir WiFi Calling?

New and Existing Meteor customers on an eligible Meteor plan with an enabled phone can avail of eir WiFi Calling.

eir WiFi Calling enabled phones and plans.

If you have one of the mobile phones listed below, you can use eir WiFi Calling straight away if you are on an eligible Meteor plan. We’re actively adding more phones to our list of supported devices – Customers on devices which become eligible will be contacted directly

  •  Android – Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and S8 all support WiFi Calling.

  •  IOS – Apple IPhone 5C and above including IPhone SE all support WiFi Calling.

All Meteor plans currently being sold can avail of WiFi Calling – both New and Existing Customers can avail of the service

  •  SIM Only Lite

  •  SIM Only Regular 4G

  •  SIM Only Super 4G

  •  Smartphone Lite

  •  Smartphone Regular 4G

  •  Smartphone Super 4G

  •  Smartphone Super Deluxe 4G

  •  SIMO Regular Extra 10GB 4G

  •  SIMO Super Deluxe Extra 30GB 4G

  •  SIMO Super Extra 15GB 4G

  •  SIM Only Regular Extra 4G

  •  SIM Only Super Deluxe Extra 4G

  •  SIM Only Super Extra 4G

  •  Smartphone Regular Extra 4G

  •  Smartphone Super Deluxe Extra 4G

  •  Smartphone Super Extra 4G

What are the benefits of using WiFi Calling?

  •  WiFi Calling allows you to use your mobile phone through any WiFi Connection.

  •  Make calls and send texts anywhere in the world for same price you pay at home.

  •  You don’t need any additional apps for this new service.

  •  All on your existing handset at no extra charge.

How do I enable WiFi Calling?

Click here for a step by step guide on how to enable WiFi Calling on your device. Quick and simple, you will be up and running right away!

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